" Präsentation von Künstler_innen­büchern " is a serie of presentations of Artist's limited edition books, new projects or special editions taking place in the library of the Museum of Modern Art Vienna (MUMOK).
In January 2018 I had the honour to present there some of my Art books and the topic I am currently working at.

The event was moderated by Merielis Seyler.

Special thanks for the invitation to Simone Moser!



"Material fiction, object from your imagination"
My very first idea about that book was to create not just two dimentional book, but one of the sides to be indeed three dimentional...In which way could be seen by everyone. Saying "everyone" I mean  even seen by blind people.
Three dimentional not in a way of " braille letter" , but creating a prego by one of the sides and screen print by the other...

Later I develop the idea into something else... Papercut and woodcut for the cover.
Insted of embossing the paper... I desided to "remove" pieces by papercutting. Playing between the existing visual part (the screenprint) and the "absence one " the papercut forms, creating an image " seen by the hand " troght touching the paper, but still reamaing two dimentional.

First we look at, then we watch it, then we touch  and close our eyes.
And really see it ! 

Zhanina Marinova 

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