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Repeat <> Unique <> Atittude

Solo Exhibition in Gallery 'Die Schöne'
Vienna, Austria
curated by Florian Appelt

.  Towards whom? Towards what? An act, a condition, a thought, something you have lived through, a mere internal experience or an internal monolog, sometimes harder than the argument with somebody else. ‘’attitude’’- a mutual relationship between different objects, occurrences, quantities; mutual communication; behaviour – or just a trend, an approach.
attitude - as a point of view, not only as a interaction with someone else, but also as an association with yourself.
- this is who we are!


Through our actions we show the surroundings who and what we are, what we desire.
Communications  itself  is the beginning of a circle. And as every beginning, every basis. if we can`t reach consensus with ourselves, we can`t go farther… A Fact! Our thoughts, our feelings, the way we express ourselves, our actions- everything is an attitude. That`s a relationship and interaction with yourself.
there are a lot of consequences, and sometimes there aren`t any- everything is so relative.
an experience - between us and everything that surrounds us.
a relationship without knots.
everything is uninterrupted.
A circle.  

How we treat ourselves, the others and everything else. which we every day meet with, as if is for the first time. How we think, how we express ourselves, how we communicate, how actually we treat things, because what we see very often can deceive. To watch, to look intently at and !really see! often when we search, we don`t lose something, we lose ourselves.
as much as we are different from one another, the ability to accept the differences is maybe one of the most natural and at the same time the hardest thing to achieve.  Everything is an interrelation. a point of view. Behavior. Interaction. and all of this is attitude!                  Zhanina Marinova

Zhanina Marinova 2019

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