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SWIMMING MISSION - Master Degree Solo Exhibition 2019 Zhanina Marinova

/ The Association of Austrian Artists Künstlerhaus /

"But you can never have a strong relationship with the sea if you cannot swim. No one is born being able to swim. Therefore, it is the first lesson. Get in the water and walk around, put your face into the water and blow bubbles, then turn back up and breathe normally. Breathe in, breathe out. Learn to float. Begin. Suddenly you notice you swam a few meters. And a few more... I can clearly remember that feeling when I was a child, having my own “swimming mission”, my target and the satisfaction after I reached it.

Basic lessons:

               – Having a certain direction and following it, and even if you lost it or you are having problems reaching it, you are supposed to be flexible enough to reach new options or opportunities.

               –There is not always a life vest that you can rely on to continue swimming.

…and please never forget about the stream.

              – The choice is yours: swimming with or against the tide."

                                                                                                Zhanina Marinova


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