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° to mess with your (ordinary) mind°

Moves – connection – non stop
repeating of something new.

I am letting my mind to draw lines on
your emotions. But
try to imagine the sound,
the sound of the words,
which are falling on deaf ears,
try to imagine my thoughts,
try to see my imagination.
Think of it. Watch. Walk around.
Around your mind. Look at
the corner of it. Repeat
the non stop motion .
Connect. Alright!

f o r g e t .


You are sick because you cannot control it ?
Move yourself.
And repeat it again.

Forget your(self)
selfish ego .
Be your own passion.
Don’t cover your transparent mind.

Split away your inner sh*t!
You are falling ?

w a k e   u p


It is not what you see.

It is not there at all.

It never was.

It is just a material fiction -

an object from my imagination !

                               Zhanina Marinova


Solo exhibition 'to mess with your (ordinary) mind' 2017
Spetial thanks to HOUSE Creative Hub - Stefanyia Georgieva & Kalina Georgieva (ATOM Theatre) and Ivan-Alexander Kjutev !

-------HOUSE Creative Hub is a co-working space for artists based in Sofia, Bulgaria that provides opportunities for artists to produce and share work, to develop professionally, network, create connections and collaborate on a local and international level. The HOUSE Creative Hub is open to residents on a local and international level.

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